With the weather at its best and the gardens in bloom, spring and summer have traditionally been the best times to sell your home.  However, don’t overlook the winter, there are certainly advantages for selling and buying during the colder months.

Firstly, there is less competition from other properties.  Buyers actively looking have less to choose from thus giving your home more attention.  This also works in a purchasers favour, having less competition themselves from other buyers.

Secondly, real estate agents tend to be less busy during winter, giving them more time to commit to getting your home sold or finding you a new one.   The same applies to lending institutes, so the processing time for your financials should be a lot quicker.

When selling your home in winter, be aware that appropriate lighting is critical.   During the day, make sure all window furnishings are fully open to allow the rooms to fill with winter sunlight.  Try to avoid using cool fluorescent lights and opt for a warm yellow light instead if possible.  You can also use lamps to create a cosy and inviting environment.

Nice warm lighting also provides a great look for advertising photos, so consider having a twilight shoot to create this atmosphere.   As our gardens aren’t quite as stunning in the winter, this is a great angle to take, making your home appear cosy and inviting.

In homes that have hard flooring, nice rugs can give a much warmer feel under foot.

If your property has a nice outdoor area, consider placing a fire pit or brassier out there.  This can allow potential buyers to visualise themselves enjoying that area all year round.  It is imperative that buyers feel warm and comfortable in your home.

When purchasing a new home, winter gives buyers the opportunity to see how a house deals with the harsher, colder weather.   Mould and or damp are more noticeable, whether it be inside or out and they can see how well the winter sun flows through and around the home.

It is also a great time to assess how well a home is insulated and what heating it provides.  A good heating system can show a potential buyer how inviting your home can be.

Check for any water leaks or wet patches if it has been raining and any areas that may let in chilly drafts.   If you are selling and feel your home may have any of these issues, get them repaired prior to listing for sale.

So, if you need or want to sell over winter, there is an upside; it’s just a matter of best presenting the features your home has to offer, over the cooler season.  When purchasing, there will be no nasty surprises ahead as you say goodbye to summer.


By Claire Hester.
Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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